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Jhumka Pendant Necklace Designs

Jhumkas are one of the classic jewelry types and probably the one that has not seen extinction. In fact, day by day Jhumkas are becoming more popular and trendy. Women regard Jhumkas as traditional yet contemporary ornament. Wear a traditional attire or a modish one, Jhumkas are there for you! With those jhumkas, why not even try jhumka pendant as well for your chain or necklace? If you really want to try them out, then here are some modish jhumka pendant designs.

Jhumka pendant
Traditional jhumka earrings with stylish jhumka pendant necklace
Jhumka Pendant imitation jewellery (Source: Mirraw)
Unique and stylish jhumka pendant necklace
jhumka pendant necklace
22K Gold jhumka pendant necklace with matching earrings
 jhumka pendant necklace
Antique temple jewellery with jhumka style ruby studded lakshmi pendant
jhumka necklace set
Gold chain with ruby and emerald studded jhumka pendant
Stylish hollow chain with jhumka pendant
Pearl chain with big jhumkas and matching pendant
Pearl chain with big jhumkas and matching pendant
Ruby beaded necklace with hanging jhumkas
 jhumka pendant
Antique gold beads bunch necklace with hanging jhumka pendant
 jhumka pendant
Mangalsutra with jhumka pendant

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